The car with many improve in this Mod. Hope that it’ll help you own the perfect car .

Enjoy it:)



breakable crystals,

detailed interior,

Marked and unmarked in 1 car (for unmarked delete extra_1 with a trainer menu)

2.0 New rear logo + spoiler

Do not use ELS on the vehicle, it can cause failures and bugs If you find bugs tell me in discord, link below in the green text

Terms and Conditions:
In order to upload an altered version (skin), upload the texture .ytds with link to the original product. And remember to keep original credits
Allowed its use in fivem while not reediting the original painting for example to put the logo of the server or similar

Vehicle: zQrba
50th Years and police version: elmodcanario (alertacobra_gta5_mods)

Skin: elmodcanario (alertacobra_gta5_mods)
Lightbar: Federal Signal Arjent
Thanks to Reyser for helping me with the add-on with its tutorials and help


Instalation instructions are in the readme of the download



Hope you like it and share to your friends 🙂

Link Download :

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