Download Forest [Menyoo / FiveM] 1.3 – Screenshots and Description:

Forest [Menyoo / FiveM] 1.1

Hello today I made you a forest for Gta5 and Fivem I hope you will like it.

If you put the mapping for Gta5 and not for FiveM, you must put “Menyoo”.

Menyoo’s link is in the README of the Forest file.

GTA 5:
1) Create a folder in the root of the game. Named the “Scripts”
2) Open the GTA5 folder and put the .XML file in the “Scripts” folder.
3) Install Menyoo to be able to display the mapping.

1) Install the menu here Menyoo
2) Install the 2 resources to be able to display Menyoo here:


3) Open the menu with F8 then go to Object Spooner / Manage Saved Files /../../ ForestGS1.1 / Load Placements

Here is the mapping. Good game

1) Create a folder in the resource folder of your server. Name it whatever you want.
2) Put the ForestGS1.1 folder which is in the FiveM folder in your new folder which is in resource.
3) Go to your .cfg folder and put “start ForestGS1.1”.

Here is the mapping. Good game.

[Version 1.3] = more trees



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