Download Franklin’s New Backyard [Menyoo] 1.0 – Screenshots and Description:

Franklin's New Backyard [Menyoo] 1.0

I tought that Franklins backyard was a little empty and needed a upgrade, so i did! The mod adds 91 new props to his backyard.


* Scripthook V
* Scripthook V DOT NET
* Menyoo
* Map Builder


1. Install every requiremnt!
2. Go to your GTA V directory.
3. Then go to: menyoostuff>spooner
4. Drag and drop the “Franklins New Backyard.xml” and “NO OUTSIDE PROPS.xml”
5. Load GTA V Story mode
6. Load menyoo by pressing F8 2 times. Go to object spooner>managed saved files, then scroll till you find the xml files.
7. FIRST load “NO OUTSIDE PROPS.xml” this is very important!. Then load “Franklins New Backyard.xml”
8. enjoy!



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