Download Franklin House Expansion v1.0.1 – Screenshots and Description:

Franklin House Expansion v1.0.1

his map is all about the franklin new house expansion.

1) Winrar zip
2) Map Editor

> It includes the expansion of mod over the house with some rooms and a garage provide to store your desired vehicles.
> Colourfull lightning, props, room, rest rooms, gym room, glassed touched sky room at the top of the mod, vegetation around the house, lightning swimming pool with great view.

1.) Download the file linked.
2.) Extract the ‘Final Franklin.xml’ provided to the map folder of the zip file to the following the GTA V directory ‘Scripts folder’.
3.) Using map editor load the ‘Final Franklin.xml’ and enjoy the mod to store the vehicles you desire.

Note: to load objects properly update your map editor ‘ObjectList’ using the given object list content from the provided ObjectList.txt in the zip file



Download mod

File File size

rarFranklin House Expansion_0.1

28 MB