Download Franklin Mega Garage [YMAP | Menyoo] Version 3 – Screenshots and Description:

Franklin Mega Garage [YMAP | Menyoo] Version 3

Franklin is a Carguy so the 2 Cars in his Garage are not enough. So he decided to build a big showroom garage and new rooms on his roof.
Check out the details of his new home below.

-Rooftop garage for up to 50 cars(3 floors)
-New bedroom with 360° city view and skyview
-Gym with stunning views over the city
-Home cinema
-Outdoor TV areas
-Chill areas on the big roofterrace
-Pool with new lights and overall new look
-Office, billiard, BBQ etc

-Again a all new garage Look
-wooden floor
-a lot more lights(if you use redux you can now see your cars at night)
-new ramp for easy access.(I hope this time it is not to small)
-a 6×6 pickup fits on the first floor in case of its height
-repair area in the garage
-some minor fixes
-mega fix for all the cars falling trough the floor(every floor redone from scratch)

-Changed the whole garage entry to support the map as ymap addon (I had to remove all properties of the mapbuilder-addon)
-The new garage entry does not block the road anymore
-The new garage entry has space for another 12 cars so (50+ in total)
-The garage has now 3 floors instead of 2
-No more teleporting, you can access the garage directly and with a working garagedoor (garagedoor working only when used as Addon)
-New stairs to access the roofarea because markers for teleporting don´t work when used as addon
-new floor for the roofterrace
-added new lights and fixed some floating objects

You can now use this map as ingame map so it loads on every game start and does not require MapEditor nor Menyoo to load.
It will load automatically just like any other prop in the game without any loading time or limits thanks to @sollaholla’s YMAP converter,which you can find here:
Map Editor & Menyoo to YMap Converter

Initial Project
Franklins House is ready to move all his new ordered cars in.

– Ideas for more Stuff are always welcome

Not testet for SPG (Single Player Garage). If someone can test it and tell me if it works would be great.

Yes I know its again a Housemod of Franklins House but this one is special and I hope you´ll like it.

Install instructions are in the archive.
HowTo add cars instructions are in the archive.



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