Franklin’s Bachelor Pad Gta Maps . Hello GTA V modding community, here is my modified safehouse for franklin at 3671 Whispymound Drive. Composed of 500+ props and 200+ peds,
feel free to check out my bachelor pad modification full of lively decorations, funny side shows to discover, iconic NPCs and party full of lively crowd to join our bachelor franklin.

Feautures :

– added a helipad with a frogger helicopter parked in it. Feel free to remove the helicopter just in case you want the helipad to have a free space for your own.

– The helipad is just above frankllin’s garage which can be accessed via a lore friendly spiral staircase. see image number 9


Mod Showcase:


Option 1: Copy the “pad.xml” file to your game folder and load it using map editor by typing “pad”

Option 2: Autoload the map by copying the “pad.xml” to your AutoloadMaps folder
located at your scripts folder

Let me know some issues and suggestions along the way to improve this mod. Thanks
and have fun playing.


1) ScripthookV by Alexander Blade:

2) Scripthook V.NET by Crosire

3) Map Editor by Guadmaz

Download Links:

 2.0 (current) :

More:  Extended Sandy PD V1.1 - gtaV map