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Fully Stocked Offices [Menyoo]

This is a single player mod map that gives you all the extra props your office accumulates after you run a certain amount of crate missions, positioned exactly as they appear in multiplayer. Use it for movie making, picture taking, or just hangin’ out in.

You might also like the Fully Stocked Warehouses map, also from the Finance and Felony DLC.

For use with Menyoo PC. You must have the latest version of Menyoo and the latest GTA Online patch.

To use:

Once you’ve installed Menyoo you’ll have a “Menyoostuff” folder in your game directory. Go to that, then drop the xml file(s) in your Spooner folder.

In game, teleport to the office you want to use by going to Teleport Options > Office Interiors > then select the location and interior style you want.

[note: this is NOT the same thing as the “teleport to reference option in object spooner. It’s the teleport option on the main menu. sorry if there’s been any confusion.]

Go to Object Spooner > Manage Saved Files and select the corresponding Spooner file from the list. Then select Load Placements.

If you teleport to a different interior style of the same office, the objects will disappear and need to be respawned.

Also, these were made for the “Executive” set of interiors. They will work on the other two sets but there may be some small clipping issues in a couple of places. Nothing major.

Feel free to build your own maps around this. If you upload them, I’d appreciate a link back in your description.






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