Download Galileo Michael Mansion 2.0 – Screenshots and Description:

Galileo Michael Mansion 2.0

==> Instructions d’installation en français dans le fichier

The map is a bit difficult to install so read ALL THE INSTRUCTIONS carefully
If you got some problems, dont worried, just ask me before giving bad rate or rageous coments. Please respect my work ??

The new mansion of Michael is finally finished, so then he moves in with all his family and cross there peaceful days ??
Trevor and Franklin are present in the braquage room, so for more crédibility, play with michael ??

2.0: Add a smaller version where the braquage room, the garage and his access road were deleted.

*ScriptHook V
*ScriptHook V .NET
*Map Builder
*LAST Map Editor
* gtamp-unlock-all-objects.asi (in the archive) but only if you dont have menyoo installed !!

Galileo1.xml ==> 1 pickup, 3 markers, 11 world, 1366 props, 1 vehicles, 7 peds
Galileo2.xml ==> 0 pickup, 1 markers, 0 world, 2 props, 0 vehicles, 0 peds
Galileo3.xml ==> 2 pickup, 2 markers, 0 world, 575 props, 13 vehicles, 6 peds

==> 3 pickup, 6 markers, 11 world, 1941 props, 14 vehicles, 13 peds
==> Take care to the FPS drop !! Good config is necessary

Low version Files:
Galileolow1.xml ==> 3 pickup, 1 markers, 7 world, 1362 props, 1 vehicles, 7 peds
Galileolow2.xml ==> 0 pickup, 1 markers, 0 world, 2 props, 0 vehicles, 0 peds
Galileolow3.xml ==> 0 pickup, 2 markers, 0 world, 229 props, 6 vehicles, 2 peds

==> 3 pickup, 4 markers, 7 world, 1591 props, 7 vehicles, 9 peds

To avoid bug, please delete your InvalidObjects.ini (if you got it) of your GTAV/scripts folder

If you don’t have mods folder, just create it and put the original common.rpf locate in GT5 main folder in your mods folder

Download Galileo Michael Mansion
Download and instal ScriptHook V, ScriptHook V .NET and OpenIV
Instal Map Builder by OmegaKingMods, very important to instal it !! :

-1- Download it and extract the archive where you want (on the desktop for the example)

-2- Run OpenIV

-3- Go in tools and select “package Installer”

-4- Navigate to Desktop/Map Builder Directory/Map builder 2E and select “MB2E.oiv”
– select “install” and choose “mods folder”, not “game folder”

-5- Repeat the step 4 with “Natural.oiv” located in Desktop/Map Builder Directory/Map builder 2E/DLC/Texture Packs
Stay in OpenIV and activate edit mode, Navigate to “mods/common.rpf/data/level/gta5”
And replace “water.xml” with the one included in my archive.
Install the LAST Map Editor by Guadmaz
Copy Galileo1.xml, Galileo2.xml and Galileo3.xml of my archive to your GTA main folder.
( Optional: If you dont have menyoo installed, copy gtamp-unlock-all-objects.asi of my archive in your GTAV main folder )
Now launch GTAV, press F7 to open Map Editor, select “load map”, “file chooser”, and load Galileo1.xml, Galileo2.xml
and finaly Galileo3.xml (it is very important to respect the order 1,2,3 or the map will not load correctly)
Have fun ??

Thanks to:
– Guadmaz for Map Editor
– OmegaKingMods for Map Builder



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