Gta 5 gameconfig all version Description:

Grand theft auto, in the end, is all about cars. With the constant growth in the GTA franchise, Rockstar decided to add almost all the luxury cars into the game. So, the players can enjoy riding their favorite dream car and have fun in their digital world. In the main game, there is a limit of storing your favorite car and the gamer had to choose which the most valuable car is for them.

However, a game config was launched by the developers who are constantly making the GTA V gaming time remarkable. With the config for limitless Vehicles, you can store a whole range of vehicles and you don’t have to pick a few selected cars or bikes. Top features of this config for limitless vehicles are:

  • Different traffic modes allow you to choose the density of the traffic according to your driving style. Three different modes are less medium and heavy traffic. You can choose either mode and enjoy riding your favorite vehicle in Los Santos.
  • Frames per second or FPS glitch was configured while adjusting the traffic. If you are running the GTA V on low-end PC, we recommend using the less traffic mode. This will allow the FPS to boost and you will enjoy smooth gaming. For high-end gaming devices, all three modes are pretty even as there is only a slight variation of FPS.
  • Game config for the limitless vehicle also allows the user to set the limit on how many cars he or she wants on the road. You can start with 1x traffic density and you will see a variety of cars in the traffic as well. So feel free to get your favorite car which suits your taste.
  • There are rumors on the gaming forums that game config for limitless vehicles have caused their game to crash. Gamers have said that whenever they add more vehicles, the game crashes suddenly. All the rumors are somewhat true but the issue is not with the config file but the absence of some supporting files that people forget in rush.
  • To make sure the config for limitless vehicles works smoothly and your game never crashes, make sure to download the heap limit adjuster and pack file limit adjuster. 
  • Although GTA V has the limit for downloadable content that the point where this config for limitless vehicles comes in. All you got to do is install the config carefully by following the steps exactly and you will be all good. You can take the precaution by backing up the update.RPF but there won’t be any issues.
  • Config for limitless vehicles provides the expanded storage where you save more vehicles. Previously you could only save a few vehicles in add-on folder and few in replacement. However, with this config, you are lifting the limit from the storage capacity and now you can save as many cars as you want.



How to install:

The config is compatible with IVpack,World of Variety,Kizakudo’s bikes add-on Compilation Pack,Single Player Apartment,Single Player Garage,Yatch Deluxe,Premium Deluxe Motorsport Dealership,Benny Motorworks, Open all Interior,L.A. Roads etc (i use them but you can use with other mods too)

Installation Path: mods/update/update.rpf/common/data


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