The Gang Sign Pack V1.0 consists of a collection of hand signs and gestures used by various gangs to communicate with each other. This pack includes symbols representing different gangs, each with its unique message or meaning. The purpose of this pack is to aid law enforcement agencies, researchers, and interested individuals in identifying and understanding gang-related activities and affiliations. The Gang Sign Pack V1.0 serves as a valuable resource for those working towards preventing gang-related crimes and enforcing law and order within communities.

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Gang Sign Pack V1.0

1. Table Gang Sign Pack V2.0 Mod: This mod is an updated version of V1.0, offering additional gang signs, more customization options, and improved compatibility with other mods. It may also address any bugs or issues present in the previous version.

2. Gang Territory Mod: This mod focuses on expanding the gang system in the game, allowing players to create and manage their own gang territories. It may include features such as gang wars, recruitment and customization of gang members, and the ability to control and defend territories from rival gangs.

3. Gang Weapon Pack Mod: This mod introduces a wide range of new weapons specifically designed for gang-related activities. It may include firearms, melee weapons, explosives, and unique signature weapons associated with specific gangs. This mod aims to enhance the combat aspect of gang-related gameplay.

4. Gang Clothing and Tattoo Mod: This mod adds new clothing items, accessories, and tattoo options inspired by various gangs in the game. Players can customize their character to represent a specific gang or create a unique style for their character. It may also include options to change the appearance of NPC gang members and add more diversity to the game.

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5. Gang Activities Mod: This mod introduces new activities for players to engage in, such as organized street races, drug dealing, smuggling, or heists. It aims to provide a more immersive gang experience by allowing players to participate in various illegal activities commonly associated with gangs. This mod may also include new missions or quests centered around gang-related activities.
Gang Sign Pack V1.0
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