Hello! This handling mod reworks the Gauntlet S handling to be a bit less arcadey.
This handling mod requires the original Gauntlet S to work. Or VWE. Read below.

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Gauntlet S V1.0 - 2

- A more balanced grip (read: less)
- More reactive suspension (softer, some rebound)
- Less brakes

Overall it should feel like a more realistic version of GTAV's usual handling, but not full on realism.

If you feel it lacks too much grip, open the handling.meta file and look for the fTractionCurveMin and fTractionCurveMax values, change 1.4 with 1.9. Should feel more GTA.


Gauntlet S V1.0 - 1

Gauntlet S V1.0 - 3

Gauntlet S V1.0 - 4

Gauntlet S V1.0 - 5

Gauntlet S V1.0 - 6

Gauntlet S V1.0 - 7

Gauntlet S V1.0 - 8

How To Install the Gauntlet S V1.0

1 - Navigate to Grand Theft Auto Vmodsupdatex64dlcpacksgauntletsdlc.rpfdata using OpenIV.
2 - Replace 'handling.meta' with the one in this file.

Owners of VWE 2.3 and up
Remember that Vanillaworks Extended pack 2.3 also includes this vehicle.
you can use this same file to edit VWE2.3's Gauntlet s, but you should follow a few steps. Namely, you need to replace VWE's specific 'Gauntlet S' handling item, instead of an entire handling file.

1 - Rename the GAUNTLETS modelname within handling.meta to GAUNTLET5
2 - Open Grand Theft Auto V modsupdatex64dlcpacksvwedlc.rpfcommondatahandling.meta
There will be a GAUNTLET5 handling item there.
3 - Remove that item. For clarity, you need to remove from Item 'type="CHandlingData"' to the closing '/Item', both included, the entire line.
4 - Copy the item from the handling.meta you downloaded in its place. It should look the same as before, just with new values.

Alternatively you can grab the handling item and paste it on Grand Theft Auto Vmodsupdateupdate.rpfcommondatahandling.meta, where it would override VWE's.

Download the Gauntlet S V1.0

Thanks for download and don't forget share it to your friends!

Link Download : https://dl1.9gtamods.com/index.php?act=dl&id=1572189618