Download Generic Police Skoda Octavia Estate 2018 [ELS] – Screenshots and Description:

Generic Police Skoda Octavia Estate 2018 [ELS]

Generic Police Skoda Octavia Estate 2018 – ELS Enabled


If any credits are missing or wrong, please feel free to contact me on Discord, details below:

Drag and drop the files included in the “Model” folder to the latest patchday. I recommend using Albo1125’s Modding DLC Pack V for an easier install, check the readme included for details on how to install. Then drag and drop the ELS file included into your ELS/packdefault folder.


– Model Source: Turbosquid
– Model Purchased: T.Baker
– Model Lowered: James Radley(RaddzModding)
– Ported over to GTAIV: BritishGamer88
– Ported over to GTAV: BritishGamer88
– Material’s/Texture’s: BritishGamer88 & T.Baker
– Plates: BritishGamer88
– Template: BritishGamer88
– Model Fixes: EJ Services
– Skoda Wheels: James Radley / Raddz
– Code3 Pursuit: Macgregor, edits by TAndrews
– Ions: James Walsh
– Buttonblasts: James Radley / Raddz
– Emissive Textures: ObsidianGames
– ANPR: JD45
– Boot Equipment: StateZeroModding / Dan Pease
– Skin: EJ Services
– Setup: EJ Services

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rarGeneric-Demo 2018 Skoda Octavia REL – EJ Services

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