Download Generic UK Renault Master Ambulance 1.0 – Screenshots and Description:

Generic UK Renault Master Ambulance 1.0

Disclaimer – This model is slightly higher poly than most models which can cause performance issues in some users games! I’m also aware of issues with the base model itself which I have done my best to fix.


Model – TurboSquid
Convert – SKYRIX
Whelen Justice – JamesR
Whelen ION – JamesR
Buttonblast – JamesR
Whelen TIR3 – JamesR
Generic Equipment – James R
Whelen TIR3 rubber mount – Bradstr090
Sepura Flexi Stalk – Bradstr090
Sepura Radio – Bradstr090
Genisys Keypad – Bradstr090
Gloves – Bradstr090
Rear Interior – Bradstr090
Lifepack 15 – Greg.C
Templated – Bradstr090
Skin – Bradstr090
Emissive textures – ObsidianGames
ELS VCF – ObsidianGames



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rarGeneric Renault Master Ambulance

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