The ‘goldenCINEMA’ ReShade Preset For QuantV FINAL is a mod for a game that enhances the graphics by reducing bloom, adding slight discoloration, darkening the night sky, and illuminating night lights. It also improves the illumination of the earth in the daytime. The mod requires the QuantV and reshade to be installed. The mod file can be downloaded from SamirF03’s website, with a file size of 60 KB.

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‘goldenCINEMA’ ReShade Preset For QuantV FINAL

'goldenCINEMA' ReShade Preset For QuantV FINAL

Make sure you have QuantV and reshade first.

Put the preset into your game floder,then use reshade to choose my preset.

New updates Final version :
bloom has been reduced to very little
slight discoloration
darkening of the night sky
illumination of night lights
illumination of the earth in the daytime

enbserise.ini :
Quality=2 (low pc=2 ; high pc=0 ; very high pc=-2)

enbbloom.fx : Bloom:: Intensity=0.025

enbeffectpostpass.fx : Sharpen Day=0
Sharpen Night=0
RainDrops:: Amount=0.5
RainDrops:: Intensity=0.75
RainDrops:: Scale=1.5
RainDrops:: Speed=0.5
RainDrops:: Force Enable=false

intlightsprite.fx : INTLIGHTSPRITE.FX

enblightsprite.fx : ENBLIGHTSPRITE.FX

enbadaptation.fx : ENBADAPTATION.FX



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Here is a comparison of Table ‘goldenCINEMA’ ReShade Preset For QuantV FINAL Mod with five similar mods:

1. ACES ReShade:
– ACES ReShade is a mod that uses the Academy Color Encoding System to provide accurate color grading and tone mapping.
– It focuses on replicating the look and feel of professional digital cinema cameras.
– ACES ReShade offers a more realistic and natural color palette, as it aims to mimic the color science used in the film industry.
– While Table ‘goldenCINEMA’ focuses on enhancing visuals to create a cinematic experience, ACES ReShade prioritizes accurate color representation.

2. Filmic ReShade:
– Filmic ReShade aims to replicate the look of various film stocks by adjusting color grading, contrast, and tone mapping.
– It offers a wide range of presets inspired by iconic film stocks such as Kodak Portra or Fujifilm Velvia.
– The focus of Filmic ReShade is to provide a nostalgic and vintage appearance to in-game visuals.
– In comparison, Table ‘goldenCINEMA’ emphasizes a more contemporary cinematic look rather than replicating specific film stocks.

3. Realistic ReShade:
– Realistic ReShade focuses on enhancing the realism of in-game visuals by adjusting lighting, colors, and overall image quality.
– It aims to make the game world look more lifelike and immersive.
– Realistic ReShade prioritizes accurate representation of real-world lighting conditions and natural colors.
– Table ‘goldenCINEMA’ may offer a more stylized and visually appealing look, with the goal of creating a cinematic atmosphere.

4. Vivid ReShade:
– Vivid ReShade aims to boost vibrancy and saturation in the game world, making colors appear more vibrant and intense.
– It enhances the visual impact of the game by amplifying colors and contrast.
– Vivid ReShade is ideal for players who prefer a more vibrant and eye-catching visual experience.
– In contrast, Table ‘goldenCINEMA’ may offer a more balanced and subdued color scheme, focusing on cinematic aesthetics rather than intense color saturation.

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5. Fantasy ReShade:
– Fantasy ReShade provides a whimsical and otherworldly look to the game visuals.
– It emphasizes fantasy elements by adjusting image saturation, adding magical effects, and enhancing overall atmosphere.
– Fantasy ReShade is designed to create a dreamlike and surreal experience.
– Table ‘goldenCINEMA’ may differ by offering a more grounded and realistic cinematic aesthetic rather than a fantastical or dreamy look.
‘goldenCINEMA’ ReShade Preset For QuantV FINAL
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