Download Grand Theft Auto 1.0.1 – Screenshots and Description:

Grand Theft Auto 1.0.1

A mod that’s named after the game it’s made for. Great.

With this mod, when you steal a vehicle, pedestrians around you will report you to the cops. If there are no pedestrians (or they are dead within around 15 seconds), then a missing vehicle will be reported in around 5 minutes.
When the police have been notified, they will search for you. If they see you and fully recognize that it is you, you will get a wanted level.


Install Script Hook V and Script Hook V .NET (make sure you have created a scripts folder in your GTA V directory).
Extract the GrandTheftAuto.dll and GrandTheftAuto.ini files into the scripts folder in your GTA V directory.

Description of each INI setting in the readme.txt file.
More on how the mod works in the howitworks.txt file.

Known issues:

There may be some lag.
Some vehicles that aren’t stolen may be picked up, and some that are stolen may not be picked up.


Fixed changing the search radius settings not having any effect.

See the source code on GitLab!


destroyer11687 (a.k.a. /u/NuttyWompRat of Reddit)
Jitnaught for writing the script.




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