Grand Theft Auto 5.5 is a mod that aims to make the game more realistic and enjoyable. It includes various changes to the world and graphics, such as increased reflections, brighter street lights, and more contrast. The mod also enhances vehicle handling and traffic systems, adds realistic police behavior, introduces gang activities, and improves pedestrian AI. Installation instructions are provided, and there are some known issues with the mod. It is recommended to use it with other compatible mods for a better gaming experience.

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Grand Theft Auto 5.5 (Realism Overhaul) V1.24

Grand Theft Auto 5.5 (Realism Overhaul) 1.21

The successor to Natural Realism mods, GTA 5.5 is the sum total of all of my modding work to make the game more realistic, more fun and less buggy/crap. For me, this standalone overhaul brings GTA 5 halfway to being the GTA 6 that I want to see, so I hope you enjoy my idea of Grand Theft Auto 5.5

Please note: this mod does not effect timescale or speed up time – I did that in the video to demonstrate the timecycles

Too bright?? Turn down Settings > Display > Brightness!

World & Graphics
‣ More reflections
‣ Render distances increased for various lights – traffic, street, misc
‣ Street lights brighter and new dust effect added
‣ Everything crisper with more contrast and less gamma. Reduced ever-present fog to realistic levels and colour.
‣ Removed all camera effects from first person view
‣ Sunlight is much brighter, shadows darker
‣ Subtle heat haze effect added around peak times (midday) out in the country especially
‣ Rain thicker, effecting visibility a lot more and darkening the sky more. Thunder nights are dangerous
‣ Night times much, much darker, particularly in the countryside
‣ Waves a little bigger

‣ (NEW) Complex, hand-crafted handling remodelling for ~85% of vehicles. Feel the weight of the car and the tearing of the rubber…
‣ Complex, hand-crafted traffic systems across the world, heavily incorporating day & night cycles with busy rush hour traffic, quiet residential roads at night with lots of parked cars, and so on
‣ Carefully selected DLC vehicles added to traffic with paint variety, in some cases manufacturer paints for the real life version of that car. Also more variations of utility vehicles, limousines and motorcycles.
‣ New variations of taxi based on common LA taxi colours in real life
‣ A lot more taxis, especially at night in vinewood and other popular night spots
‣ Faster AI drivers
‣ Vehicle render distance increased
‣ Headlight, brake light, dashboard light etc casting distances and render distances modified to match real life, including for NPC vehicles
‣ Realistically intense neons & draw distance increased
‣ Powerful emergency vehicle lights which reach across streets
‣ Realistic light coronas – less noticeable normally but blinding during rain

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‣ Patrolling the streets in a variety of vehicles, mostly in tourist spots during the day and gang zones at night
‣ Realistic dispatch system that takes time to send units from around the city – no more teleporting police
‣ Chance to not even see police when low level wanted
‣ Evade wanted state by fleeing and then hiding
‣ Police carry a wider variety of weapons
‣ Forces are more diverse, with a range of police types from officers to detectives to SWAT to special agents
‣ Tactics improved – more likely to perform PIT manoeuvres and less likely to be easily outrun

‣ Gangs take over parts of the city at night, mainly south central LS (davis, strawberry etc)
‣ Gang members likely to be found driving cool cars, with cool music and passengers
‣ Fights and gunfights break out often, with realistic popular street choice weapons such as machetes, glock18 and uzi and variation depending the type of gang – black gangs prefer machine pistols, chinese prefer higher quality, hillbillys use backwoods shotgun and such
‣ Fighting localised mostly to hood areas at night
‣ Complex relationship system – some gangs allied, some join fights but won’t start them, etc
‣ Some may commit hatecrimes against gays
‣ General crime increased and complexity raised

‣ Higher density
‣ Complex, hand-crafted pedestrian systems also, with busy rush hours and a strong variation between day and night
‣ AI behaviour more random
‣ People converse faster and more often
‣ All people have a chance to carry a weapon, usually a taser or basic melee like broken bottle, but that grandma could be packing heat!
‣ Melee damage reduced to accommodate better melee fighting
‣ Weapon impacts reduced so that people die realistically

‣ Use OpenIV to open the archives as shown in this folder and place the files in the corresponding locations within your GTA V directory.
‣ Files located within update/update.rpf inside this zip should be placed inside Grand Theft Auto V/update/update.rpf

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‣ Recommended to use “mods folder” function provided by OpenIV.asi
‣ You can/should also create a copy of update.rpf before adding these files, so you can easily replace the backup if you don’t like it

Known issues
‣ Headlight light cast travels through some objects, most noticeably bridges
‣ People will occasionally dive out of vehicles
‣ This won’t be the best police overhaul, but should be compatible with any others, just install them after this

‣ 1.21: Increased police difficulty & fixed headlight fullbeam
‣ 1.20: Updated for game updates
‣ 1.11: Added my own personal mashup of realistic handling for vehicles
‣ 1.10: Altered tonemapping for better contrast, should finally kill that washed out look
‣ 1.06: Tweaked headlights, that highbeam should function more realistically
‣ 1.05: Updated for recent game updates (01/06/2021)
‣ 1.04: Experimental fixes. Added driver to driverless riot truck. Reduced percentage of female police.
‣ 1.03: Updated for latest version of game (27/09/2020)
‣ 1.02: Added new elite vehicle category to traffic systems, increasing rarity of certain vehicles
‣ 1.01: Added sheriff patrols to countryside (thanks Algonquin1234) & fix for riot van ghost drivers (thanks Jayden585)

‣ No known incompatibilities, please report any in comments

Recommended to use with
‣ GTA V ReSized – Guaranteed performance increases
‣ Realistic Driving V – Vanilla handling is just not acceptable
‣ CGE Dynamic Radar and HUD – Great for immersion
‣ All In The Game (drug dealing mod) – Play the game how it should’ve been
‣ Manual Transmission – For the driving enthusiast



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Grand Theft Auto 5.5 (Realism Overhaul) V1.24
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