Download Grand Theft Auto Syria [Map Editor] 1.0 – Screenshots and Description:

Grand Theft Auto Syria [Map Editor] 1.0


We are playing GTA 5 since 2013, i had in mind to give something new to the game because we are moving on this map long time so our eyes need to see some new stuff.
This map i created long ago called: War Zone Evacuation based on Aleppo situation. But i got many request to transform this map into something really war city but with population and occupied by Army.

TIP: you need Map Editor for this ofcourse.

The features are already on the MAP on first image
Added more building

* LAG has been reduced for 80%, Low end pc now can use this map without problem.

* Added population moving around the city, random activites etc..

* Added Army patrolling and wandering around the city (go fight before they come)

* RPG is waiting you before the BORDER.

* Added teleport on first building so you can use the roof for Snipe.

1. Download Map Editor
2. Unrar the file and place GTASyria.xml to your gta 5 root folder
3. Join the game, press F7 and load GTASyria.xml, wait 10 sec and done.
4. Enjoy.



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