This content provides instructions on how to replace the boot logo in the game Grand Theft Auto V. The user needs to locate the frontend.ytd file in the game’s directory and replace it with their chosen image in PNG format with a transparent background. It is important to make a backup of the original file before making any changes. The content also provides a warning that if the user is not using the Mods folder, the game may stop loading if something goes wrong. The content credits GRES98STOR for this method of replacing the logo. The download size of the mod is 140 KB.

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Grand Theft Auto V – Boot Logo 1.0

Grand Theft Auto V - Boot Logo 1.0

Replace in the frontend.ytd file along the path:
Grand Theft Auto VModsUpdateupdate.rpfx64texturesfrontend.ytd
You can use any of your images. The main thing is that it be in the format (.png – With a transparent background)
When replacing the image, leave the default import settings (As specified in the Additional.png file)

If you don’t use the Mods folder then make a backup of the frontend.ytd file because if something goes wrong GTA will stop loading!
This method of replacing the logo works on any version of GTA



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1. Grand Theft Auto V – Boot Logo 1.0 Mod: This mod replaces the original boot logo of Grand Theft Auto V with a new one. It is a simple modification that enhances the visual appeal of the game’s startup.

2. Realistic Blood Texture Mod: This mod enhances the visual realism of blood effects in the game. It adds more detailed blood splatters and dripping effects, making combat and injuries appear more gritty and intense.

3. NaturalVision Evolved: This mod is a complete graphics overhaul for GTA V, aiming to make the game’s visuals more realistic and visually stunning. It enhances lighting, weather effects, textures, and overall atmosphere, resulting in a more immersive experience.

4. Open All Interiors: This mod unlocks all normally inaccessible interiors in the game, allowing players to explore a wider range of indoor locations. It opens up hidden areas such as FIB buildings, police stations, and more, offering additional opportunities for exploration and immersion.

5. LSPDFR (Los Santos Police Department First Response): This mod enables players to experience GTA V from the perspective of a police officer. It adds various features and missions specifically designed for law enforcement gameplay, such as patrolling the streets, responding to emergencies, and enforcing the law.

Compared to the above mods, Table Grand Theft Auto V – Boot Logo 1.0 Mod is a relatively simple modification that only changes the game’s boot logo. It does not enhance the gameplay mechanics, graphics, or introduce any new gameplay elements like the other mods listed above. However, it can still impact the visual experience of the game’s startup, providing a fresh look for players.
Grand Theft Auto V – Boot Logo 1.0
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