Hi everyone!
This time i will share my Project DLC that is GrandPro Racer. Every car has a tuning mod, although most of the vanilla car stock and not so good but I hope you guys like it.
Before install this mod please enable mods folder and try disabling other mod first also use Trainer to spawn cars and gameconfig which support many add-on

GrandPro Racer V2.0 - 1

Changelog :
– first release
– Here are some lists of cars in the add-on
– Blista GT (spawn = blista1)
– Sentinel XR (spawn = sentixr)
– Comet R1S (spawn = comet0)
– Coquette L10M (spawn = coquette1)

– little fix some cars
– added 2 Livery :
– Stronzo Team Livery
– Grand Touring Livery for DeathByAmbient aka RileyBlue
– fix some tuning part Blista GT

v 2.0
– Add new car Blista R-X
– Changed modelname :
– Blista GT (spawn = blistagp)
– Blista R-X (spawn = blista2gp)
– Comet R-1S (spawn = cometgp)
– Coquette L10M (spawn = coquetgp)
– Sentinel XR (spawn = sentigp)
– Add and changed some livery and tuning mod
– better handling for Blista GT and Blista R-X. thanks to Eddlm

Some bugs and weakness :
– some part don’t have collision
– reflections that are a little strange in some parts
– low polygon in some parts

If there is something about my mod like criticism or suggestion, please let me know in comment field …: D


GrandPro Racer V2.0 - 2

GrandPro Racer V2.0 - 3

GrandPro Racer V2.0 - 4

GrandPro Racer V2.0 - 5

GrandPro Racer V2.0 - 6

How To Install 

– copy folder “gpracer” into:

– open OpenIV

– drop out dlclist.xml file in update.rpf to desktop:

– then add this text before </Paths>:

– drop in dlclist.xml into update.rpf

– Let’s play and enjoy… 😉


Thanks for download and don’t forget share it to your friends!

Link Download : https://dl1.9gtamods.com/index.php?act=dl&id=1574101317