This mod adds a Grapeseed Sheriffs Office interior located on the strip in Grapeseed. The interior is MLO so you shouldnt have any performance issues.


Current bugs/issues are:
-Door frame is dark.
-Small gap on the top of the door frame between wall and frame. (Being fixed now)
-Also please let me know if there is any issues with the single-player version, I don’t normally do single-player mods!

For single-player
– extract the ‘sp’ folder into ‘mods/update/x64/dlcpacks’ directory.
– add “dlcpacks:grapeseedsher” in the dlclist.xml located at ‘mods/update.rpf/common/data’.

For FiveM
– extract gssheriff from “FiveM” and place into resources
– add “start gssheriff to server.cfg
– restart server (DO NOT TRY TO HOT LOAD)

Do not modify or distribute without permission.
FiveM use is permitted, but none of the files are allowed to be modified. Credit must be given to the authors in some form.



Awesome Job – Grapeseed Sheriff Interior 

Link Download :