Gravity Gun mod Gta5 is for the gamers who just want to spend a little time in the game destroying things and getting away with the crimes. As the name suggested, the gravity gun allows you to control the gravity for the objects, vehicles, or peds within the game. You can point the gun on the object and press the middle mouse button. You can carry that object to a certain height and can throw it by pressing the shoot button.

So, basically, you can throw huge things across the city with the help of the gravity gun. You cannot complete any missions or progress in the game, so this mod is only for the people who want to spend their free time enjoying rather than playing competitively.

Some of the unique features that Gravity Gun mod has to offer are:

  • Gravity gun mod is perfect for the gamers who love to play GTA V with wanted level stars shining. The thrill alone from epic car chases to the shootouts is pretty intense. Added to that thrill, now you can actually pick up the police vehicles and throw them at a certain speed to destroy the police helicopters. You can take out the swat guys behind the car cover by lifting that car and even dropping that car on their heads. If you are surrounded by police at some point, you can just lift up the policeman and throw him at their shooting partners and voila, your path is clear from that side.
  • Gravity gun has amazing powers. You can even lift up the commercial plane from the runway or change the course of direction of the flight mid-air. For the fun part, you can guide the whole plane to take off and then nose dive into the ocean. 
  • Trains and oil tankers were also not spared. If you wanted, you can lift the running train from the tracking and throw it in the mountains or rough terrain causing the explosion. If you wanted to create havoc in the city, oil tankers can serve the purpose pretty well. All you got to do is lift up the truck and throw it in the heavy traffic area and boom all the vehicles will go exploding and you can enjoy the fireworks from a distance.
  •  TO install this small yet incredible mod you need to have script hook V. First, you need to install Script Hook V and then download the Gravity Gun mod. Copy the gravity gun.asi into the main GTA V folder and you are all set.
  • One thing that can be changed or you can say there is a room for improvement is you cannot swing or rotate the object around you. Once you have picked it up, you can only throw it in one direction. The distance can also be added so you will exactly know how far you can throw a certain object.

So for the casual gamers, Gravity gun mod is just perfect. It serves the purpose of thrill gaming and provides excellent game time.



How to install:

  1. Install Script Hook V
  2. Copy GravityGun.asi into GTA V folder
  3. Ingame instructions
    Aim with the stun gun and hold E to hover it in the air or shoot to make it fly!

Download Links:

 1.5 (current) Link Download : https://dl1.9gtamods.com/index.php?act=dl&id=1587400281