This mod for anyone want to own the Grotti Itali GT-C (Competizione)!

So i turned the itali GTO into a race car…Yep. Car was originally made for Project Homecoming has been part of the server for a while hence released version being 1.2 ….what else…oh yeah new front , reworked rear end , new spoiler , new rims, stripped down interior. I suck at descriptions just look at the pictures ok?

Grotti Itali GT-C V1.3 - 5

Liveries look almost identical to each other whats up with that?
Liveries are inspired on FIA GT1 cars. Real race teams rarely use different looks for their cars besides changing some sponsors.
Do you have paypal?
Yes i do, Are you goin to give me moneyz?
Worth the shot.
It is Performance friendly? are you one of those that uses Lod0 for every other lod? (STARES IN JAPANESE)
No, my cars they all working lods each one being lower poly count as they should. I play on an 960 4G, sometimes with 27 cars on screen. No lag.

Model edits : Me
Liveries : Me
Beta testing : Project Home coming Team. :kappa:
Handling : Me
Decals : Vanilla works Team/ Me.
Renders and pictures : Me
Video : Me.

Car is part of a race pack I’ve worked on for about a year now. 3 cars have been made, including this one.

Yeah if you find bugs let me know. Model is locked you’re not allow to edit it and this file can not be hosted anywhere else if you find it on another site please let me know. Ok bye now, for reals.

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Update log
Version 1.3:
Updated .meta files to remove unnecessary edits.
Car should now be balanced with next project in terms of driving.


Grotti Itali GT-C V1.3 - 3

Grotti Itali GT-C V1.3 - 6

Grotti Itali GT-C V1.3 - 4

Grotti Itali GT-C V1.3 - 2

Grotti Itali GT-C V1.3 - 1

How To Install 

1:Copy update folder to
X:Grand Theft Auto V

2:Use OpenIV extract
X:Grand Theft Auto Vupdateupdate.rpfcommondatadlclist.xml
then use notepad open it,add new line


Save it and use OpenIV replace it.


Thanks for download and don’t forget share it to your friends!

Link Download :