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GTA 5 Cheats for PS4 – Grand Theft Auto 5 cheats PS4

Sometimes you need a little bit of help to get through some of the toughest games out there. That’s why the people behind one of the biggest games of all time, Grand Theft Auto V, have built in cheats for users to access using their controller or other input method. Unlike mods or other additions to your GTA V experience, these cheats are already there in the programming – all you need to do is access them. And that’s what we’ll tell you how to do here in this article. We’ll share some of our favorite GTA 5 cheats for PS4 as well.

First off, GTA cheats for the PS4 can be activated one of two ways: Using the controller or the in-game smartphone. Using the smartphone involves dialing a phone number while the controller typically needs a series of button inputs to achieve the desired effect. There is one cheat that is conspicuously absent on this list and, as anyone who has played GTA V can tell you, it makes perfect sense. You see, there isn’t a cheat code for money or even a little bit of help in that area. Rockstar wants you to work for what you get but it doesn’t mind helping you a little bit along the way. 

How to enter codes in GTA 5 on PS4

Way 1: activate cheat codes via gamepad
[spoiler]Playing GTA 5 with a gamepad you don’t need to make special efforts to enter cheat codes – you can do it directly in the game. To do this, you simply need to type certain combinations on your gamepad. But don’t think they’d remember easily! [/spoiler]
Way 2: activate cheat codes via phone


Just like in GTA 4, in GTA 5 you can enter cheats via your character’s phone. All you need to do is get the phone with  button. Then go to “Contacts” and press X to switch to manual dialing. In the number field, enter the desired cheat code, selecting the numbers with arrows on the directional pad. When the code is entered, make a call and, voila, the code is activated! Upon successful activation you should see the message: CHEAT CODE ENABLED.

To enter the same cheat code againe use * – latest used cheat code should appear in the dialing pad.


God mod, and other character cheats

We’ll start with everyone’s perennial favorite cheat code on any game, and that is God Mode. To activate that, enter 1-999-724-654-5537 on the cell phone or  → X → ← → R1 → ← X ▲ on the PS4 controller.

If you just want to restore your health, call 1-999-887-853 or input O L1 ▲ R2 X ■ O → ■ L1 L1 L1. Want a reason to use that invincibility that God Mode grants you? Try the Free Fall code to make parachutes worthless. To access that, call 1-999-759-3255 or input L1 L2 R1 R2 ← → ← → L1 L2 R1 R2 ← → ← → on the controller to activate the Skyfall Cheat. Make it extra trippy by activating Drunk Mode using 1-999-547-867 or ▲ → → ← → ■ O ←

For a cheat that changes the game in a fundamentally unexpected way, try the super jump cheat by using the smartphone to dial 1-999-467-86-48 or enter ← ← ▲ ▲ → → ← → ■ R1 R2.

You can also give your character a super punch ability using 1-999-4684-2637 or entering → ← X ▲ R1 O O O L2.

If you’re feeling a little nostalgic for Max Payne, may we recommend the bullet time cheat at 1-999-332-3393 on the smartphone or ■ L2 R1 ▲ ← ■ L2 → X on the controller.

For the flaming bullets cheat, use 1-999-462-363-4279 on the smartphone or L1 R1 ■ R1 ← R2 R1 ← ■ → L1 L1.

One of our favorites, and one that makes GTAV something like an arcade title, is the exploding bullets cheat which makes bullets explode on impact. You can get that with 1-999-444-439 or → ■ X ← R1 R2 ← → → L1 L1 L1 on the controller. 

Recharge Ability cheat (Power Up Recharge).

Raise Wanted Level cheat.

Lower Wanted Level cheat.Can’t get rid of police? This cheat will be the best solution.

Super speed cheat.

Fast swim cheat.


That’s not all of the GTA 5 cheats for PS4 but just a few of our favorites.

Unfortunately, developers of GTA 5 didn’t add money cheat to the game.

However, we have an article called “How to hack GTA 5 money” on our website if you don’t want to earn money in a honest way.

Weapon cheats for GTA 5 on PS4

All weapons cheat.

Super punch cheat (explosive melee attacks). You can deactivate the cheat by entering it again.

Flaming Bullets cheat. Make your foes scream in pain as your bullets burn them alive.

Helicopters and planes cheats.

Buzzard chopper cheat, armed with two miniguns and two type of rockets.

Stunt Plane cheat.

Crop Duster cheat. Despite its unassuming looking, this plane can does some tricks.

Cars and motorcycles cheats for GTA 5

Sanchez cheat. What could be better than a good mountain bike?

Trashmaster truck cheat. This cheat will spawn the powerful Trashmaster truck.

Comet car cheat.

Caddy car cheat.

Limousine cheat.

Rapid GT cheat for GTA 5.

PCJ-600 cheat.

BMX bike cheat.

Cheats changing the game environments

Weather change cheat. Weather will change after each activation of the cheat.


  R2 X L1 L1 L2 L2 L2 ■

Slow time cheat. The effect can be stacked up to four times.


  ▲ ← → → ■ R2 R1

Moon-gravity cheat.


  ← ← L1 R1 L1 → ← L1 ←

Slippery Cars cheat (Drift mode). This cheat cuase cars to slide madly.


  ▲ R1 R1 ← R1 L1 R2 L1

Special cheats for secret GTA 5 vehicles

WARNING! The cheats below isn’t for regular version of the game. They will work only if your port your game to PS4 from previous generation console.

Duke O’Death cheat. To make this cheat work you also need to complete the «Duel» random event.


Kraken Sub cheat. As well as with previous cheat, this one require completing of the «Wildlife Photography Challenge» random event.


Dodo cheat. Before using this cheat you have to complete the «Sea Plane» random event.


It’s needless to say that cheat codes are contraindicated for those who wants a 100% completion of GTA 5, with all the achievements and trophies collected. Cheats are for those who just want to have some fun in the game, not thinking about the game statistics and the like. Therefore we do not recommend you to save your game after using cheats. By the way, when you save and then load the cheats stop working, and you have to enter them again. And, of course, cheats for GTA 5 only work in single player mode. In GTA Online they are absolutely useless.

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