One of the best things about Grand Theft Auto V is that it is more of a platform for gaming than it is a singular type of game. By that we mean that you can choose how to play it in whatever way you like. You can live the life of a gangster or just get by as a regular person.

There are a ton of life simulation elements but there are also some really cool, organic in-game games that you can develop by using the game’s mechanics in unique ways. You’ve probably seen some mods along those lines and, while really cool, mods typically add to or change some aspect of the game.

But what if you could just tweak a few settings and get an entirely new experience?

That’s what GTA 5 Drift offers, in a nutshell, and it is a bonkers good package that combines game modification and organic elements to create a new gametype. 

So what is GTA 5 Drift exactly?

GTA 5 Drift is a range of settings that allow you to tweak how cars handle and interact with environments in the game. You can adjust handling, tracting, speed, and all sorts of other options to make the cars behave exactly the way you would like them to do.

As the name of the program implies, the drift aspect is meant to allow you to do some drift racing matches should you choose to do so. Yes, there is a huge community of people who like to race in GTA V and this helps you get the settings just right to do that.

Because, let’s face it, the default settings used by GTA V aren’t the best for a racing game. The handling and car mechanics in GTA V often leave a lot to be desired. Whether it is just the nature of the game’s engine or the way that Rockstar insists on that old control scheme, racing in GTA V can be needlessly painful even though the game is made for it.

GTA 5 Drift lets you unlock that hidden potential in the game and gives you the opportunity to play in a variety of unique racing modes that you create and determine. 

In translation, that means all of the cars in the game become potential candidates for a racing mode. Whether it is large trucks or small sports cars, you can adjust and tweak how every handles which will help you compensate for some of the awkwardness that naturally comes from the controls and otherwise. It gives you a chance to basically transform some small portion of the game into a racing game and that is really, really cool.

For people who have wanted something like this or tried to do it on their own, GTA 5 Drift gives you an easy, quick way to access that kind of gameplay type very quickly and with minimal complaints and fuss. We recommend it for anyone that wants to play racing games on GTA 5 or wants that as an option. 



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