Nude Beach Girls mod for GTA V and its features:

GTA V is the ultimate for all kinds of gamers. Some like to complete the missions, some like to follow the rules and roam around, some like to make chaos in the city and fight with everyone. There are people who like to see the beaches of Los Santos like real beaches where girls are wearing bikinis and guys are going shirtless. The developers decided to give something extra and why not as they are creating mods for everyone so why leave the beaches unattended.

Nude beach girls mod has added more pedestrian near the beach areas where girls are roaming wearing colorful and some of them are going topless as well. We know that most of the people do not approve the nudity but hey GTA V is for the gamers of all ages and teens might feel attracted to the nude beach girls than completing the missions.

To test the mod, you can go to the beaches and look for yourself whether the girls are wearing the tops or the mod has done its magic. Make sure to follow the guide as there are many gamers who have reported issues in installing the mod. If the problem still persists, make sure you have downloaded the right OpenIV version and configured it correctly.

Colorful life of the beach in Los Santos will be restored with the mod and you can go and enjoy the sunny day near the beach while nude girls will be walking by you. There are not too many features in this mod but developers have just made it for fun to target a certain audience. 

This mod is not compatible with the online version of the GTA V and the gamers use this mod to only play a casual game or pass the time. 

The mod provides a cool place if you are stuck at some mission and wants to just roam around the GTA V. With nude beach girls mod, you will definitely where you want to go if you want to take some time off from the missions and just pass the time.



How to install:

To install this amazing nude beach girl’s mod, you need to follow few simple steps.

  • Download the mod from any reliable forum like GTA5 mods or gta5 mods forum and save the file. Remember the directory of the saved file as well.
  • You need to download OpenIV and preferably 2.6.3 version and open the software.
  • Use OpenIV to access the “ai” directory. Steps would include passing through common.rpf, then data, and then ai.
  • Make sure to right-click on “ambientpedmodelsets.meta” and paste the downloaded mod in place of this file. When the file is replaced, go to the menu option and look for the file. Under the file type there will be an option for rebuilding. Press that button and nude beach girls mod will be added to your game.

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