GTA 5 Re-Sized mod (Not Just Another FPS improvement Mod)

Gaming is a passion for everyone. Almost everyone has some games at some point regardless of the system. Gaming can be enjoyed from any device and most of the gamers still own a budget PC and they play their favorite games on low settings. GTA franchise is entertaining the gamers for a while and with the launch of its latest edition that is GTA V, gamers love Rockstar even more.

However, with the inclusion of detailed graphics and variety of missions, low-end PCs faced difficulties as they are not able to run the game. Fortunately, moderators and developers are always working to release mod that will help the budget gamers to enjoy their favorite game and GTA V resized provides exactly that. Let’s discuss some of the features of the all-time famous GTA V mod.

  • GTA V resized is not like the other mods that kill the graphics completely in order to run the game on budget PCs. The mod focused on resizing the images rather than blurring out all the key graphics that turn the game into reality. There is no cut out of the grasses or signboards or parks but developers just resized the images. Although FPS count is relatively low as compared to other mods hey, you got to enjoy the overall experience of GTA V rather than just playing a dull game on high FPS.
  • Another important thing for you to notice is the extra objects were also taken out of game like washing machine, mattress, chairs, bottles, trash bags, and many more items like this but significant change is done in the memory size of the objects. In normal game without mod, size of the images for any object is varying from 2048 to 4096 that is causing the sudden stutters when you move from place crowded with objects. But in GTA V resized, size of the images was reduced to only 512. This significant change allows the FPS to get improved and gamers can enjoy lag-free gaming. 
  • In GTA V resized, we are talking about the whole package and not only the unnecessary objects. All the roads, signboards, and even rocks are resized to give you fairly nice graphics along with certain FPS boost. 
  • Quality loss or decrease in graphics is not that much and if you are not a close looker, you might not be able to see the difference. Gamers with fancy high-end PCs might not agree to the point but old gamers can certainly relate. 
  • There is almost a +10 increase in the FPS before and after installing this amazing mod. The significant increase can be noticed because GTA V has a lot of objects with separate image sizes and after the GTA V resized does its magic you will see a certain increase in the FPS for smoother gaming. 

The mod is amazing as gamers are always looking for stable and higher FPS and GTA V resized certainly helps in achieving that.



How to install:


You need to install the “x64”.oiv files
( i.e.: x64a.rpf and x64d.fpr.oiv, x64c.rpf.oiv, x64e.rpf.oiv etc…)

You need to have all current dlcpacks for a successful install of the dlcpacks.
( OpenIV does not create the whole dlc.rpf it needs the original to build from.)

The dlcpacks are important as they have many peds/vehicles/weapons/props etc.. that we have RE-Sized which help with improving game performance.

After installing all the oiv packages we are able to reduce the game archives by 10GB from RE-Sizing the images!! With no noticeable image loss this version is well on its way to becoming a staple mod!

GTA V RE-Sized is a perfect base to build your favorite modded game on.
In RE-Sizing the textures your computer can throw the images much faster and smoother now so your CPU/GPU and memory will be happier too!
Now you can install those crisp images on the areas of the game you want to accentuate and not stutter your game so hard.

Download Links:

 X (TEN) (current): Download from Server