The Hessen Police is the national police of the German Hessen. It consists of almost 18,000 employees. The number of employees is divided for 2007 in about 15,500 civil servants and 2,500 employees. Thier Patrol cars are VW T5.

It is not allowed to publish this or a modified version without permission. Editing textures is only allowed for self-interest. Convert that to other games is NOT ALLOWED !!!



– Model: HUM3D
– Converted to V: Daniel | German Mods
– Skin: Plymie | German-Mods
– Bugs fixed: Fox | German-Mods
– Radio devide: Sketchup
– RTK 7 control panel: heuuu
– Plate holder: German-Mods
– ELS Settings: German-Mods
– equipment cabinet: Fox | German-Mods
– RTK-7 by Cj24, Glass by KevinDV, Details by German-Mods, Modules by German-Mods


– Breakable glass
– Matrix
– Work lights
– Detailwork on modules
– Reflection

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