Download GTA IV Style Simple Native Trainer (Reskin) 1.02 – Screenshots and Description:

GTA IV Style Simple Native Trainer (Reskin) 1.02

(Requires GTA V Scripthook and ASI loader)

Has been updated to work with the latest scripthook.

Please note, I am not copying someone else’s reskin, because I am the same author ?? Check out my other reskin of the trainer here!

This is an edited version of the Native Trainer by Alexander Blade that has been re-skinned to look like the old trainer from GTA IV, and also adding better controls (keeping the old numpad controls too!) which focuses on the arrow keys instead of the numberpad, and adding a few more options for the trainer.

The new controls are as followed:

Left, Right, Up and Down – L, R , U , D arrows…
Select – Space
Go Back – Backspace

Also, for the car boost option:
Speed Up – Page Up
Stop – Page Down

New Features:
GTA IV Styled Trainer
New Controls
North Yankton Loader
Mobile Radio

Known bugs:

Up arrow brings up the phone when in the menu.

Also to answer all of those saying it is not better controls, you’re right, for people who know how to use it. This is supposed to be more user friendly, for those who don’t really know how to use the menu (and trust me, there are alot of them). If you are returning from GTA IV then you will know how to navigate this, but if you are new and don’t understand how, this is supposed to be an alternative.


Version 1.02
Updated looks

More:  SF Mod Menu 1.6

Version 1.0
Initial release.


“TacoDeBoss” for creating the North Yankton loader.
“Syon Foppen” for the Mobile Radio code.

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