Download GTA Manager 0.21.06 – Screenshots and Description:

GTA Manager 0.21.06

– Be sure, that you dont have mods installed before first program opening.
– Add path to installed game and mods folder.
– Add mods to mods folder (folders, and every type of files are supported)
– Now, just click “Add mods” and open the game. You have your mods!
– If you want remove mods, just simply click “Rem. mods”.
– You can remember folder paths by clicking “Save pref.”

– Program should establish your Profile ID, but if not (for example you have more than 1 profile) add it manually.
– Select save file, it should be without extension (*.) and click “Add save”
– Open your game, open game menu with Escape, select “Game”, “Load game” and select your save.

Installing new mods/maps:
– Select properly all paths to game and mods folder.
– Download your mod/map from GTA5-Mods (recommended) or other website.
– Select your mod (Select mod files) or map (Select map file)
– Click “Add mod” or “Add map”. WARNING: Be sure that your installing it properly (file isn’t bad or something, you can check this in tree view above buttons (files are uploading without .zip part!!!)

How to get Profile ID? (if program cant add it)
– Go to “Your documents”, “Rockstar Games”, “GTA V”, “Profiles” and folder names are your profile ID.

– Initial update

– Some of bugs eliminated
– Added “install new mods” button with full installing layout from websites. (you can add maps and mods)

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– Support to .rar files (now you can just copy files to new .zip file)
– Bugs elimination



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