Rockstar Games’ GTA Online comes with several cars and vehicles which are based on their counterparts in real life. Especially, many of them are from well-known TV series and feature films such as Batman movies or the James Bond film series. In this post, let’s find out 5 best vehicles from movies and TV series in this game. 

Karin Technical Aqua 

Source: Rockstar

This vehicle is based on the Toybota vehicle which is originally from a famous British TV show called Top Gear. The actual version on the show does not come with special weapons and gadgets. Rockstar acquired a forceful machine gun turret which can take down several objects and… people. Technical Aqua might be seen while playing Sell Missions for the Bunker business in GTA Online. It might also be driven across land, water, and hills with ease by the players who chose it. 

The Declasse Scramjet 

Source: Rockstar

This car is also inspired from the Mach 5 car from the franchise Speed Racer. It is a popular Japanese racing franchise with several TV show and movie adaptations. In the franchise, it is just a normal racing car. In this game, Rockstar also weaponized this car with rocket boosters, a jump boost, homing missiles and machine guns. It is one of the speediest and most powerful vehicles in-game. It costs $3,480,000 on the Warstock Cache & Carry website.

Grotti Vigilante 

Source: Rockstar

Batman’s famous vehicle is called the Batmobile which is really cool in terms of appearance and powerful in terms of ability. In the game, the Grotti Vigilante also has a similar design with massive wheels and a black layout. Its Rocket Boost makes it the fastest vehicle in the game while being driven on land. The players might also equip it with two front-facing machine guns and homing missile launchers which might track targets more easily. 

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Dewbauchee JB 700W 

Source: Rockstar

James Bond is one of the most popular action franchises in history. Therefore, his cars are also widely recognized. One of them is the JB 700 which inspired the developers of GTA Online. They made just a few changes to the version in-game and it looks classy and distinctive. The available weapons for this car are proximity mines, spikes, and oil spills. 

Bravado Youga Classic 

Source: Rockstar

This might be the most colorful and distinguishing vehicle in this list. It is based on the Mystery Machine from the Scooby Doo cartoon series. Originally, it does not look exactly like the Mystery Machine and players have to modify the car. 

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