So while playing GTA5 Online I did something by accident and it glitched my phone into the top right corner of the screen. Just a zoomed square. Similar to the size of the menu you get when you press “M” in online… not sure what it’s called. Only way to remove it is to pause then unpause the game. But even more interesting when I entered a car I got a speedometer, tachometer, fuel gauges, dash lights, etc. All in the top left corner, given none of them have any sort of numbers and all of the gauges seem to not work except for the speedo and tach. The position of the gauges are varied by car. I have no sure way to recreate this event. Thought it was pretty damn cool so here you go.

Edit: I forgot to mention how this even happened. Im not sure what the buttons are mapped to on keyboard and mouse. But when using a Xbox 360 or similar controller you basically roll your thumb around the d-pad. In case anyone else wants to try. Doesnt seem to work in Solo at all.



How to install:

  1. Install ScriptHookV
  2. Copy the *.asi and the LeFixSpeedo folder into the Grand Theft Auto V main folder.
  3. Please read the ingame mod info.
  4. Set the settings to your preferences:
    -Using the mod menu (Recommended, by default F10).
    -Manually by editing the .ini files (for advanced users).

Download Links:

 1.3.7 (current) :

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