Realism aims to bring the world of Los Santos to life, from visuals to gameplay.

With the help of some great authors Realism has become one of the best mods for GTA V, and we hope to continue until Realism is the all in one mod that makes GTA V truly epic!

New Features Include Everything from a whole new weapon system by Alweul, to the amazing visuals of Crystal Reality by Quentin-Tarantino now mixed with Realism for the ultimate visuals.

Realism has been rebuilt from scratch to find and squash bugs, at the same time as optimizing performance, adding new features, and refining others, from physics to combat, the game is now more realistic than ever,
Although there are still a few files left, it’s certainly made for a more stable, more fun experience.
Some of the new features include the ability to break through wood fences with melee weapons to escape quick, or emerge quickly out of nowhere, every caliber bullet now does different DMG to armored glass, a pistol will take a while to go through, a minigun will tear it open after a few bullets,
guns no longer get auto collected as you walk by them, and peds now drop wallets instead of glowing money stacks, wallets obey the rules of physics unlike money, bleeding now causes 0.25% DMG for 20 seconds after injury with blood loss.

Cops are smarter and deadlier than ever, they take cover immediately, they are more accurate, and they can now kill you in a single shot sometimes (although not very often as to keep it fun)
cops will also pull downed buddies while they are still alive sometimes, after they are carried away, and if they are still alive, they will get back up.
Cops can get concussions from nearby explosions, these leave them dizzy and injured and provide a great time to quickly shoot multiple enemies, SWAT have Rifles with scopes, and some have Sniper Rifles with scopes, all authorities carry extended clips and other weapon components except for suppressors.

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Ambient chases can now have 8 cops and are much more interesting, some peds who are in chases will now pull over and give up, they get put in the back of a cop car and driven off, all pickups have had glow and rotation removed for realism.

Mod Features



Separated NPC and Player services
NPCs get their vehicle towed automatically, options in the .ini define what kind of vehicles get towed.
The player will be prompted to call the towing service if his car is broken down, too.
The script uses a Cargobob for big vehicles, and towtrucks/Flatbeds for regular ones.
You can let the Towing service fix the car in situ or tow you to the nearest LS Customs.
If you let the service fir your car in situ, the cost will depend on ammount of damage the vehicle has
($50 each tire, $200 for the engine, $100 for the petrol tank.)
Manual Service calling for any vehicle you want

Towing Service for NPCs
Towtrucks will come and pick up any vehicle that’s broken down
(engine smoking, driver dead, any tire burst). While they actually drive to the broken down vehicle,
they only realistically back up if there’s not too much traffic around. If there is,
they skip the back up part to avoid traffic jams, as the AI is a little wonky driving backwards.

Don’t worry about your vehicle, it is not considered by this part of the script.

Manually Called Towing Service for any car
Hold the Jump (Space) key and press Context (E) key while near any vehicle to manually call the Towing service for it.

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Towing Service for the Player
If your vehicle is badly damaged, you can call the Tow service by holding the handbrake and honking (pressing E).
Wait until the towtruck comes and the driver fixes your vehicle.

*The fee for players is $50, plus the cost of actually fixing the vehicle.


Mod Showcase:


Using the New Weapon System
Press F4 to open the menu, F9 to drop a weapon, the UI allows you to do many things including lock the weapons you want so they don’t get dropped
Ammo Sizes are still being tweaked by me, and I’m sure Alweul is thinking of ways to make it even better

Download Links:

 0.9 (current) :!lRZ2lQ5S!JnBw5CJQZ-tcBBixgSJZGDU7JWDDBydb4mrLxCtlvzc