Download GTA V – Self Radio Manager – Screenshots and Description:

GTA V - Self Radio Manager


Manage your Self-Radio Files simple with my tool.
You can move or copy files between the Self-Radio folder and a custom folder.

You can also use my tool in SPSM


– Choose a directory from where u want to move/cope files into your Self-Radio folder.
– Choose a File and click on “Move/Copy selected File” to move/copy your file
– Choose between “Move” and “Copy” in the “Settings” tab.
– You can simply move/copy all files into or out of your Self Radio folder by clicking on “Move/Copy all to Self-Radio”, respectively on “Move/Copy all out of Self-Radio”

– (07:29 PM – 05/28/2017)
– Added a “Auto-Save” function
– Added a “Create .lnk file at copying into Self Radio” function
– Added a “Create .lnk file at copying out of Self Radio” function

– (04:58 PM – 05/29/2017)
– You can play your Audiofile by double-clicking on the selected Path
– Now you can see how many Audiofiles are in your Self-Radio and in the selected path
– Added Support for “.wav” files
– New Design



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