Download GTA V – Utilitary Tool 1.0 – Screenshots and Description:

GTA V - Utilitary Tool 1.0

GTA V – Utilitary Tool v1.0.0

#Detect & Delete Mods
#Inject Script or Library
#Make your Script with Script Hook V .NET

1) Select Directory with GTA5.exe
screen: Visual Screen

2)if you want delete mod or detect file modded go
in Page (GTA File Detect)
And Select file to view information
and if the file is a mod you can press button “Delete”
Screen: Visual Screen
if no mod detect you can’t delete file !

3)if you want inject mods
go in Page (File Inject)
a) choose you type file
b)Select File Mod
c) edit Name Mod
d) Press Inject
Screen: Visual Screen

4)If you want create your script CS
go in Page(Mod Builder)
Script Already Started by Project



Download mod

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rarGTA V – Utilitary Tool v1.0.0

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