Download GTA V High Priority Launcher [FPS Boost – CPU Usage & RAM Optimizer] 1.7 – Screenshots and Description:

GTA V High Priority Launcher [FPS Boost - CPU Usage & RAM Optimizer] 1.7

NOTE: This was made in Windows 10 as a personal project and I can’t ensure its effects in other versions of the OS.

These are a couple of scripts in batch that will launch the game in a more efficient way in terms of CPU & RAM usage.

Helps removing the stuttering (if there is) and texture loading issues by decreasing the CPU load and RAM usage caused by other processes running in your system.

This doesn’t damage anything at all because everything goes back to normal when you’re done using it, all the changes are temporary.

Yes, you can play with this Online, since this is not a modification of any .RPF file or .ASI plugin. No ScriptHookV required.

You pick one of the folders according to your version of the game. This doesn’t require any kind of installation.

Retail: For Rockstar Warehouse owners of the game or other variants like FiveM/Reborn/LCPD:FR/RageHook, etc.

Steam: That is pretty much it…

Then pick one of the two launchers:

Soft: The basic one. Sets priorities and terminates the unnecessary processes.

Hardcore: Sets even more priorities, kills more processes/services and also terminates Windows Explorer and GTAVLauncher to get most performance as possible. (Might give you a smartscreen warning, but ignore it, hit run anyways. This is because it forces some system priorities)

Sadly “subprocess.exe” (the one running 4 times at once) can’t be terminated or the game loses connection to the online servers and goes immediately to offline mode.

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How to “uninstall”
If you want to remove this because you finally found out this is actually the worst thing ever made and I suddenly destroyed your machine or I sent the FBI to your doorstep… (notice the sarcasm)

Right click the files, delete. Then empty your recycle bin. Formatting the whole drive also works. (sorreh the sarcasm, I couldn’t help it….)

I also supply you with a text file if you still don’t understand.

Last update:
+Added an extra script “GTA V Process Killer”
*Re worked the loop section to avoid memory leaks
-Removed the line where SearchUI was forced to close since it self re-opens.

I can confirm enabling Game Mode will give you about.. a 2% improvement, but do not use it with the Game DVR enabled. If you want to record I’d suggest you to use ShadowPlay or ReLive.



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