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GTA V Language Tool 3.1

You dont like the Language of your installed GTA 5 and Dont want to install the Game again only to change the Language?
I give you the Chance to change the Language without reinstall your game.

What do this Tool?
It only edit the GTA 5 Language Registry file. It dont install New Languages.

The confimation of the Change are visible when you Press “Set Language”. The Current Language Text Changes.


1. System Requirement
2. Information
3. How to use
4. FAQ
5. Credits
6. Changelog

System Requirement
— Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5

This Tool use the Original Game Languages. It not insall a new Language!
Comments about “add Lanugage” will ignored!
Tested on GTA Online!
No Guarantee or Support for Pirated Versions of GTA5!!!

How to use
1. Run the .exe file as administrator.
2. Choose a language from the dropdown.
3. Press the “Set Language” button.

— What do this Tool exactly?
It changes the language file from GTA 5 in the Registry.

Are there more planned features?
No not on this Tool. But iam working on some other useful Tools for GTA 5 ??
I only Release Updates to make it 100% work without Bugs.

Has this Tool Bugs or Errors?
I hope not.


– Gang1111 (Developer)
– Notice Me Senpai (for his Idea)



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