GTA V is one of the biggest names in the gaming world.

There is a reason why it is the Rockstar Games’ flagship along with other installments of this action-franchise. It is an in-depth game that features breathtakingly detailed vehicles and environment, not to mention the unparalleled potential for mayhem.

The already amazing Grand Theft Auto V can be taken to the next level owing to the different mods that enhance the gaming experience in terms of the visual capabilities and addition of new elements.

 But there’s a catch,

Only one mod should be used at a time otherwise there are going to be conflicts in the gaming experience.

Main GTA V Mod Managers

You might come across a long list of GTA V mod managers in your search for the best one but three of the most helpful ones are as follows:

It can be considered as the backbone of GTA modding. Open IV is a tremendously effective tool that will help you go deeper in the game files and will let you create the change from the inside.

It lets you edit the core files of rpf file.

If you’re looking for a tool that will be beneficial for you and your pc in association with Grand Theft Auto V, then this mod manager is the one for you.

GTA V mod manager by bilago is going to let you clean up your GTA directory and also allows you to go to vanilla GTA. This mod manager can make it all happen with a single click of a button that helps you prevent a number of issues.

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This one is for the players who have been loyal to this game for all the past years. Script Hook V is basically a library that lets you use GTA V script native functions.

It only comes with one drawback and that is its disability to work when the player goes online in a multiplayer mode.

Features of GTA 5 Mod Manager PC

GTA 5 mod manager can be a useful tool when it comes to adding more twists in your games.

How to use gta v mod manager

Here are some important features of GTA V mod manager that will give you an insight on how it can enhance your gaming experience;

  • It helps in importing the dot net mods as well as the lua mods in the correct folder, you can also configure the mod location
  • You can toggle on and off certain mods
  • The game is automatically disconnected when you enable the mod
  • Simply drag and drop mod installation
  • Rename the mods according to your preference along with editing even the configuration files directly from the manager
  • It enables you to remove the mods as soon you quit the game
  • You have an option that you can turn on, for mods to be automatically updated and much more

All in all,

GTA V mod manager is your key to the door that opens a new side of the game where you can change the circumstances in which you play. You can turn your character into a floppy ragdoll or change the weather and add more thunderous rain in the game.

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You can also turn your game into an almost-reality with these mods such as the toddyhancer. A real-world clarity that comes with lighting tweaks. It is a must-have mod for the Grand Theft Auto 5 fans out there.

With time passing by, more and more mods are being launched, so let’s be hopeful that we’ll get to add some splendid features to the game in the near future.

Basic guide on how place the Mods in Mod manager. I personally prefer Folder mode for more clean approach.

Basics = Things you need to use any of the LUAASIRageNIB’sDot NET Mods

* C:UsersDocumentsGTAV ModsScriptHookV v393.4 (all the native trainer files)
* C:UsersDocumentsGTAV ModsScripthook DOT net (all ScripthookDOTnet files )
* C:UsersDocumentsGTAV ModsLUA_SDK (all the LUA Plugin files)
* C:UsersDocumentsGTAV ModsRage Plugin (all the rage plugins)
* C:UsersDocumentsGTAV ModsOpenIVOpenIV.asi
* C:UsersDocumentsGTAV ModsLSPDFRpluginsLSPDFR.dll

Folder Mode =

* Asi Mod = C:UsersDocumentsGTAV ModsMOD NAME your mod goes here.asi
* LUA mods = C:UsersDocumentsGTAV ModsMOD NAMEscriptsAddins your mod goes here.Lua
* Rage Mod = C:UsersDocumentsGTAV ModsMOD NAMEPlugins Rage mods goes here.DLL’s
* Dot Net NIB mods = C:UsersDocumentsGTAV ModsMOD NAMEscripts your mod goes here.dll
* SweetFX Reshade = C:UsersDocumentsGTAV ModsMOD NAME Reshade/SweetFX all the files here.
For rpf mod, the mods folder needs to be small letters as shown below. place the rpf files as it was in the original location but make a folder called mods in small letter an place them, example =
* RPF mod = C:UsersDocumentsGTAV ModsMOD NAMEmods(common.rpf)
* RPF mod = C:UsersDocumentsGTAV ModsMOD NAMEmodsUpdate(update.rpf)
* RPF mod = C:UsersDocumentsGTAV ModsMOD NAMEmodsupdatex64dlcpacks(patchday2ng)

File Mode =

* Asi Mod = C:UsersDocumentsGTAV Mods your mod goes here.asi
* LUA mods = C:UsersDocumentsGTAV ModsscriptsAddins your mod goes here.Lua
* Rage Mod = C:UsersDocumentsGTAV ModsMOD NAMEPlugins Rage mods goes here.DLL’s
* Dot Net NIB Mods = C:UsersDocumentsGTAV Modsscripts your mod goes here.dll
* SweetFX Reshade = C:UsersDocumentsGTAV Mods Reshade/SweetFX all the files here.
* RPF mods – just import the modified rpf file and select the original rpf, the mod manager will do the rest.

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