Download GTA V Organiser Pre-Release 0.5b – Screenshots and Description:

GTA V Organiser Pre-Release 0.5b

For this program to work you will need (dot).net 4.5 installed, you can download it here

A very simple asi manager at the moment but more features will be added in the future.

Hopefully a download server will be allow for this tool to self update and to switch bands between test and release

The source code will become available once version 1.0 is released

Planned features:
Backup manager – implemented but currently very buggy with MetroFramework
ASI manager – completed and released
Script manager – completed and released
Download manager – not yet started
INI and conf editor – completed and pending admin approval
Self update script – delayed


No known bugs

change list:

added mod browser
added config/ini editor
added script support
added accent and theme settings
added a reset and save variable button
added reload application button



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