Download GTA V Solo Public Session 3.0 – Screenshots and Description:

GTA V Solo Public Session 3.0

Here I’m going to share with you a little tool I made myself. I know there is already this kind of stuff here but I haven’t seen one with IP whitelist for making playing with friends in Public Session where nobody can join except you and your friends. Maybe it will be useful for someone out there. Alright here we go…

– 100% guaranteed alone (including friends) in Public Session
– Working by blocking inbound and outbound connection via Firewall Rules Policy
– IP whitelist to make sure nobody can join your session except IP addresses you put on ignoring list
– User-friendly interface, easy to use, step by step
– Updates are coming probably by your suggestions or bug fixes for sure

* Version 3.0 *
– Improved code
– Disabled button click sound
– Fixed exit button bug
– Fixed Remember/Save IP bug
– Fixed some other minor bugs

* Version 2.0 *
– Improved code
– Added Menu Bar at the top
– Changed background and buttons colors
– Added sound on every button click
– Friend’s IP List can use now right click (copy, remove)
– Added option to exit with custom timer set in seconds
– Labels and buttons are now positioned in groupbox
– Added Settings button

* Version 1.0 *
– First release



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