Download GTA V timecycle far_clip editor 1.1 – Screenshots and Description:

GTA V timecycle far_clip editor 1.1

This is my first java tool for GTA 5 . Its just simple but makes our work handy . When we work on timecycle files we might open the xml and edit the values in it by finding and replacing the farclip values.. This tool is for making that work ez.

1.Java 8 or above to run the tool.


-Open the tool farclip_editor_1.jar
-Just put your 14 weather files and timecycle_mods_1.xml in a folder and copy the path and give it as input folder.
-Make an empty folder to store output files and copy its path and give it as output folder
-To change Far_Clip, set the farclip distance what you need ,
-Hit the Go! button.
-To remove far blur and far DoF , select remove far blur ,
-Hit the Go! button.
-To remove Chromatic Aberration, select remove Chromatic Aberration ,
-Hit the Go! button.

V1.1 Changes:

-Added two weathers which were left.
-Added extra features from @CN_tianhe mod.



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