Some mods make your life a lot easier. And when it comes to Grand Theft Auto V, the easier your life can be the better. That’s because there’s a lot to do in the game and you might not have time for all of it. So you rely upon really good mods to help you save time and get what you want done.

Yet not all mods are created equally and some might actually be a complete waste of your time - especially if you don’t know much about them before you download them. There are a lot of good GTA V mods out there, but GTA 5 Verify Game Files is a hard mod to recommend even though it has admirable qualities and sets out to fulfill a much-needed niche in the video game space. 

What does GTA 5 Verify Game Files do?

It basically lets you play your Grand Theft Auto V download without being online or connected to an online service to verify that you do, in fact, own the game. For many gamers that have purchased Grand Theft Auto V through a service such as Steam, the loss of an Internet connection can often mean that the gamer can’t play the game they have purchased.

While it doesn’t require a constantly online connection, initial connections often require some kind of verification process and this is impossible when your Internet connection is down. And the Internet can be down really often for some of us. Whether it is a shoddy network, the weather, or any other set of conditions, the Internet is not reliable for some of us and GTA 5 Verify Game Files knows this.

But it doesn’t really work as promised. The initial set up and deployment of the mod is easy enough and it is simple to use. Yet it doesn’t really seem to do what it promises and it is kind of random as to what could possibly be wrong. 

We’re not the only users that have had issues, either, with many of the reviews for the mod reporting mixed reactions and results. It either doesn’t work at all or does something strange like uninstall and reinstall your game. Again, this doesn’t really solve the problem it sets out to solve. 

This isn’t an elegant solution because GTA V is an absolutely massive install. You’re easily looking at hours upon hours of wait time to play a game that you should have ready access to right from the start. It is not only frustrating but it is really disappointing because the mod does seem to work for some users but not all. 

Again, as to why it does or does not is mysterious. It is hard to recommend GTA 5 Verify Game Files but it is worth a shot if you’re desperate for a solution. It could end up being an ideal mod for you but it doesn’t seem to work for everybody. 




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