This content is about a mod for the game Grand Theft Auto VI. The mod is a billboard that features a possible logo for the upcoming game. The instructions for installing the mod are provided, including transferring files and replacing them in specific folders. The mod has been created by Mr_KOLANS and can be downloaded, with a file size of 17 MB. The content is also tagged with keywords like billboard, building, house, and misc texture.

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GTA VI Billboard

GTA VI Billboard

This mod is a billboard with a possible logo of the yet-to-be-released game Grand Theft Auto VI.

>>> Installation <<<
1. Using OpenIV, go to: modsx64ilevelsgta5_cityedowntown_01dt1_22.rpf
3. Turn on the “Edit” mode, and then transfer the files from the “dt1_22” folder with the replacement.
2. Follow the path: modsx64i.rpflevelsgta5_cityedowntown_01downtown.rpf
4. Then transfer the files from the “dt1d” folder with the replacement.
5. Next follow the path: modsx64i.rpflevelsgta5_cityedowntown_01dt1_lod.rpf
6. Replace the file “dt1_lod_slod4.ytd”



Download mod

File File size
GTA VI Billboard
17 MB

Tagged Billboard, Building, House, Misc Texture

1. Open World Map: This mod allows players to expand the in-game map of GTA VI, providing a larger and more detailed world to explore. It adds new areas, landmarks, and enhances the overall immersion of the game.

2. Realistic Vehicle Physics: This mod aims to improve the driving experience in GTA VI by implementing more realistic physics and handling for vehicles. It adds weight, momentum, and realistic mechanics to the cars, making the gameplay feel more authentic.

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3. Enhanced Graphics: This mod enhances the visual quality of GTA VI by upgrading the in-game graphics. It improves the textures, lighting, and effects, resulting in a more realistic and immersive gaming experience. It can make the game look stunning and more visually appealing.

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In comparison, the Table GTA VI Billboard Mod is focused on adding dynamic billboards with interactive tables to the game. It enhances the immersion by providing informational and interactive elements in the game world. The other mods mentioned focus on different aspects such as expanding the map, improving graphics, enhancing physics, enabling character customization, or adding realism to the gameplay. Each mod offers a unique element that caters to different player preferences, enhancing the overall GTA VI experience in its own way.
GTA VI Billboard
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