One of the issues that many GTA players have is the fact that they lack a good car to drift with. And unfortunately the drifting experience in the game is not the best. Well, the GTA5 Drift Mod is here to bring you the ultimate experience and amazing results you will like and enjoy all the time. The trick with this is that you just have to run the executable and you are good to go.

Press F5 and now you will be able to drift the way you always wanted. The cool thing with this GTA5 Drift Mod is that you can also press F5 back to go back to normal. So you can easily experiment as much as possible and then go back to your own ideas without worries. It’s a very creative way to play and have fun while also getting all the benefits and results you expect without that much of a hassle. That alone goes to show the quality and efficiency you receive from a game like this, and it’s something you will like quite a bit.


If you want the GTA5 Drift Mod to work right from the start, you may want to run the file as an administrator. This will usually solve any possible problems that may arise, so try to take that into consideration. It’s great here because you will have a way to change the way you normally drift in the game with something a bit different. It’s one of the cool things that work great and once you tackle it adequately it will pay off big time. The idea here is to know what you are getting into and how to drift better.

GTA5 Drift Mod goes one step forward because it allows you to edit the suspension bias, steer max angle and the type of traction. That really pushes the boundaries and it brings in front just about all the cool ideas you expect while also delivering quite the efficiency and support you want to explore all the time. That’s interesting and rewarding at the same time, as long as you give it a try and adapt it in a meaningful manner.

People that always try to drift in GTA5 find it really hard to do. The game doesn’t come with the best vehicle handling, so the GTA5 Drift Mod comes as a breath of fresh air. It just makes drifting more desirable and fun without rushing it too much and making it way too complex for you. This is just a wonderful and fun experience to explore and if you are very passionate about GTA in general you will surely appreciate the great focus that they are putting in here.

Overall, the GTA5 Drift Mod is a good mod if you’re looking to revamp the way you play and have fun here. Driving is a challenge, drifting is even better. So if you want something immersive and also super rewarding, you may want to give the GTA5 Drift Mod a shot, as it’s adaptable, really cool and super intense as well. You may totally want to give it a try and if you do it right, you will be extremely impressed with it.




How to install drift mod gta 5

  1. Download OpenIV
  2. Try Un-Zipping the file to desktop and copying to OpenIV from there if it doesn't work straight out the Zip folder
  3. Just run GTA5 Drift.exe, enter in any car and press F5 button to activate/deactivate the mod, have fun 🙂

Download Links:

3.8 Link Download :

3.9 (current) Link Download :