Download GTAModSwitcher2 2.0 – Screenshots and Description:

GTAModSwitcher2 2.0


The GTAModSwitcher is designed to manage your GTA5 storymode mods. It helps you to remove or add mods with just simple clicks. Already in version 1 that I made with a friend we did a good job and many of you liked it. Now I made this one just by myself and tried to improve some things.

A guide how everything works is in the download included …
Please take care, that some GTA folder needs higher permissions, so if it should crash, run it as admin and it should work.

– 2GB RAM or more
– DirectX9 or higher
– 145 MB Free memory or more
– .Net 5 (Only if the GTAModSwitcher will not start by itself, because .Net 5 is already in the download included)
– Probably administrator permissions (Depends on the GTA installation)
– Windows 10 or 11 (lower is not tested yet)

The installation comes with an installer, just follow the steps inside

Changes since version 1:
– Pictures for profiles
– Infinity custom Mod States (Modding profiles)
– Improved GTA5 Folder scan
– New Design
– Everything new from scratch



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43 MB