This is mod for have the Audi A6 – Dutch Police
Please report any bugs you encounter in the comment section below. Feel free to upload liveries, but do not include the .YFT files and do not use parts of our livery.


These team members worked on this project:
Luuk, Wander, Mark

Please note:

– No template will be given, unless you support us with at least the PRO package on Patreon.
– The base model will not be given out unlocked for free. Contact us for any questions on this matter.
– Did we forget to credit you? Feel free to let us know.


– All doors working
– Breakable glass
– Working mirrors
– ELS lights including blue, orange, red text boards and scene lights
– Detailed interior with realistic accessories


Place the car files in the latest patchday. Place the POLICE3.XML in the ELS folder that contains your vehicles .XML files.


Model: MvM
Convert: MvM
UV Map: MvM
Skin & Textures: MvM
Grill LED’s: MvM
Monitors: MvM
Wheels: MvM
Accessories: MvM
Lightbar: TheHurk, edits by MvM

Special thanks to our Patreon Platinum donator:
Luke van Slooten / TBLPD911

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The nice Car 🙂

Link Download :

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