Hello today I'm share MkUI v1.0 - it's script for Developpeur.

Use file MkUI_trybase.dll if you want try the menu. If you want edit or use for create your script mod. Open MkUI.cs on Visual Studio 2017 or other version.

Thank for download.

Thank Univex !

[BASE] MkUI For Developpeur 1.0 - 5

What is MkUI v1.0 ?
MkUI: is not a Trainer but is an UI design use to create option and selection for mission or mod.
Example: You create a Garage mod for SinglePlayer.
And you want add a selection menu to select car.
You can use MkUI because it's very simple to use.

Changelog v1.0

  • Add function rapidly !
  • Edit design & color rapidly !
  • You can't create page !
  • Edit key to use
  • Beautyful !

Default KeyBoard

  • NUMPAD2 - Scroll Down
  • NUMPAD8 - Scroll Up
  • NUMPAD5 - Select
  • NUMPAD0 - Open
  • NUMPAD8 - Close
  • You can't create page !

Developped in C# this is a BASE UI you can't share your project with this script. But add credit please !
Thank to read and have nice day or night.

Virus Scan link !


[BASE] MkUI For Developpeur 1.0 - 2

[BASE] MkUI For Developpeur 1.0 - 1

[BASE] MkUI For Developpeur 1.0 - 3

[BASE] MkUI For Developpeur 1.0 - 4


Thanks for download and don't forget share it to your friends!

Link Download : https://dl1.9gtamods.com/index.php?act=dl&id=1573416686