Gun Sounds Overhaul makes the GTA 5 weapon sounds a lot more realistic. The problem with regular sounds is that they tend to be super unrealistic and that alone is an issue. You want to have something unique, creative and fun, and thankfully with the Gun Sounds Overhaul you can finally get all of that.

The reason why you want to use GTA 5 weapon mods is that the regular weapons don’t really look or sound that different and that alone becomes a problem. The Gun Sounds Overhaul is a great experience because you have something very appealing and powerful that you can adapt and enjoy all the time without worries. What you will notice with this mod is that the sounds are a whole lot better and you hear them better too.

It’s not something that will super change the game all the time. But the sheer sounds are more interesting, they are more appealing and that realism is what really gets you and makes things a lot more adaptable to the situation. It might take a little bit to get into this process as you see how it works, and once you start working on them you will find that everything lines up very well without that much of a hassle.


Most of the GTA 5 Weapons mods tend to focus on visuals, so what you have with the Gun Sounds Overhaul is very special. You finally get to improve the sounds and make them a bit more tolerable. That’s very hard to do most of the time, which is why this mod is so popular in the first place. It’s something truly special that you will enjoy and the process itself will shine because of it. A lot of people will like the Gun Sounds Overhaul a lot because it’s distinctive and different. But the best part about the overhaul is that you are getting more control over how everything sounds.

We like the fact that you can finally adjust some of the most important aspects of the game and the experience itself is a whole lot of fun all the time because of it. Granted it takes a bit to adjust everything and just make it a lot more interesting, but this is one of the coolest things you can add to the game and it’s definitely something you will love having and enjoy pursuing all the same. So yes, it’s definitely worth checking out and just trying to add.

While the Gun Sounds Overhaul is not a mandatory one, it’s rewarding and fun, so you will surely enjoy the entire experience and process provided here. This is certainly one of the coolest experiences that you can be a part of, especially if you want to improve the way guns sound and all that stuff. Of course it can be very enjoyable and rewarding, so you should consider giving it a try and you will not have to worry about anything here. The mod works perfectly and it has no errors.




How to install:

1. Download and install OpenIV
2. Download Weapon Sounds Overhaul for GTA V
3. Open OpenIV , Select GTA V and find GTA V folder.
if you have cracked gta, it will most likely be program files (x86)>Grand theft auto v
If you have steam, it will be Program Files (x86)>Steam>SteamApps>Common>Grand Theft Auto V (or GTA V)

4. After Setting OpenIv up, Click Edit Mod at the top. Click Yes.

5. Go to the search bar and type “WEAPONS_PLAYER” without quations. Nothing will pop up so click search all archives. It should be the only one. If it won’t open, right click and select go to file
6. You should be where the file is located now. It should be at the very bottom. Double click it. Open the “WEAPONS_PLAYER” in the mod file you downloaded.

7. Ctrl+A the files and then drag them over to open iv
8. You done with the first part.
9. Search “Resident.rpf” without quotations in the search bar. If it doesn’t show up, click search all archives
10. Open Resident.rpf also open TO RESIDENT RPF in the mod file you downloaded. Drag the file over to Open Iv.
11. Enjoy

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