Download Hack City 0.1a – Screenshots and Description:

Hack City 0.1a

This mod adds hack abilities for player.

1) Install ScriptHook
2) Install ScriptHookDotNet
3) Put “scripts” folder in your GTA 5 main folder
P.S. If you have changed “HackCity.ini” you may replays “HackCity.dll” only

After game loading you can press “X”(default key) for activation hack abilities.

Vehicle, Prop and Ped have personnal hack stuffs.
After targeting a equal entity press “G” (default key) and you can see hack panel (Quick Hack Panel).
Each hack requiereds 1 botnet. You can see your botnet counter on over radar line (battery status)

If you wanna hack any avaiable target press “T” (default key)

You must have botnet resources for hacking. It automatically restore after a while.

[email protected]:

1) “Still money” – you can still money from ped bank account if it has it
2) “Change status” – you can change ped social status (don’t work correctly right now, sorry ?? )

1) “Hack car lock” – you can lock/unlock car doors
2) “Do engine overheating” – you can damage car engine
3) “Set stolen” – you can set stolen car status
4) “Hack accelerator” – you can do car spurt in front direction

1) “Add distance trap” – you can set distance trap for prop. if any ped will be to trap prop zone it will be exploded
2) “Hack explode” – you can explode prop immediately

ActivateModKey – main mod activation key
ShowHackPanelKey – show/hide avaiable hack panel key
MainHackKey – main hack button
NavigateLeft – left selection
NavigateRight – right selection

If you wanna help me test the mod you may activate debug-mode for help (just change DebugModeSetting in .ini file from “0” to “1”)



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