Download Halo UNSC Weapon Pack /w Sounds – Screenshots and Description:

Halo UNSC Weapon Pack /w Sounds

Hey guys! This Is my UNSC Weapon Pack! This Mods has 4 Weapons in right now for you guys to test whilst I make more weapons these weapons include:

-Sniper Rifle
-Assault Rifle
-Laser Rifle

Thank you guys for downloading and please be patient whilst I bring out ALL of the Halo 4 Weapons ??

—————————CHANGE LOG——————
-Added Halo Reach DMR

-Added Sniper Rifle
-Added Assault Rifle
-Added Magnum
-Added Laser Rifle
-Made Trailer (Found in the Video Section)
-Uploaded Mod



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rarf0rests Halo UNSC Weapon Pack w sounds

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