Download HD Tommy Vercetti 1.0 – Screenshots and Description:

HD Tommy Vercetti 1.0

Tommy Vercetti is back, now in the streets of Los Santos. He is available as both an Add-On Pedestrian, or a Player(replaces Michael).

The player model has fully functional facial animations so you can play the whole story of GTA5 with Tommy. It replaces Michael.

The Pedestrian Model is an add-on, meaning you won’t be replacing anybody. You have to spawn the pedestrian model using the Simple Native Trainer, and by selecting “Spawn model by model name” option. His model name is player_tommy.

Installation is in the Readme.

To wear Tommy’s iconic outfit you have to change the clothes to the following using a trainer:

Known Issues: When shirtless there will be a gap between Tommy’s neck and the chest.
Hair alpha is a bit messed up because zmodeler doesn’t yet support ped alphas



Special Thanks to:
FidoX- For letting me port his amazing model
Mega- For taking some amazing screenshots




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